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10/7/21 "Please say 10-4 to Me," says the Father.

The Father says, "My People, I must tell you today. Get over it! You are not meant to be everyone's best friend. I tell you, many people have come and gone in your life. Accept the fact that many people will still come and go. In fact most. How else will My Kingdom purposes be fulfilled? This season is New and Different. What you need to know NOW is that when they come NOW there is a purpose to be fulfilled! Many people you will only see once. Do it well and move on. (Isaiah 61:1) Remember, it's not about you. It's about Me and them through you. You are the bridge, My Son in you, to bring them back to Me. (John 14:6) I know this has not been an easy lesson to learn. For many, it has been very difficult. Think short term. Not long term. For right now. You see, short term is all that I need. And then I will make an everlasting covenant with them. Like I did with you. (Isaiah 61:8) And again I say, they lived happily ever after. All of you My People. I bring you comfort. Know this. You will have your people. You will have your tribe. Those you work with. Those you work alongside. I tell you, you will not be alone. Those relationships are forming in earth even NOW! Watch for them. Some of them will be unexpected. Some that you thought were, will not be. I spoke 10-4 just days ago to some of My People. Meaning OK. Meaning Got it. Please say 10-4 to Me. And be in Peace." (John 14:27)

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