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5/27/21 Either Way, My Justice is HERE and NOW!

Father God says, "I AM about to EXPLODE the earth with the greatest manifestation of MY Power and MY Presence unlike anything you have ever seen! (1 Corinthians 2:9) Many of you are prepared, many of you are not. I told you, ready or not here I come. Many of you believed, many of you have not. After this, you will believe. (Psalm 46:10) Because what I AM about to do, no man can do. I AM coming with MY Power and with MY Fire. By MY Spirit, I AM coming to EXPLODE those things in the earth that which need EXPLOSION! (Zechariah 4:6) Some of you will be blessed, some of you will not. Some of you will rejoice, others will not. I told you I AM both. I AM a Loving God and I AM also a God of Vengeance. (Isaiah 61:2) You will see both in the earth. Whatever side you're on, will come upon you, either MY Love or MY Anger. (Romans 5:8-9, Ezekiel 25:17) No man can stop what I have decreed. (Isaiah 14:27) MY Love is fierce and MY Anger is fierce. Yes, I AM both. Both MY UNPRECEDENTED FAVOR or MY WRATH will be seen. Either way, MY Justice is being served. (Isaiah 61:8) While some chose to love, others chose to hate. While some chose to do good, others chose to do evil. This is the basis of MY Justice being served. MY Justice is HERE and it is NOW!

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