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8/24/21 The Father says, "There is an hour..."

The Father says, "Today I tell you the urgency of the hour. My people this is real. Today I express My seriousness. Today I tell you time is running out. This is NOT to be taken lightly! The one whom I have chosen to write this knows this. And it pains her. There is an hour coming for each of you and for all people. It's the midnight hour. There is an hour coming it will be too late. It's after the midnight hour. Don't let this be you. Like the ten virgins. You know the story. Five were not ready. They were too late. The door closed. One that did not re-open. (Matthew 25:1-13) I stand at the door and knock. (Revelation 3:20) There is an hour for you to make the necessary changes before it's too late. It's the eleventh hour. I come to reveal to each of you this hour. Because I love you. Yes. Every one of you. Both Jew and Gentile. It's the eleventh hour. Today I tell you it's after the midnight hour for My judgment. Meaning it's too late. Yes. It's too late. There is nothing anyone can do anymore to change My judgment. For some of you were given one last chance. That chance is over. For many it was already over. I tell you today, I am judging even right NOW! Everything and everyone that was detestable to Me. It's after the midnight hour. (Ezekiel 7) Today I tell you this is NOT the hour to play around! It is time to get serious. It is urgent. Lives many lives are at stake. They will either live forever in peace in Heaven or live forever in torment in Hell. Yes. Both are real. My people, GET REAL! Get real and get ready to preach. (Isaiah 61:1) I am going to tell you again. As often as I need to. It's NOT about you! So get over it. Accept it. Die. Lose your life. (Matthew 16:24-25) I do not approve of selfishness. In fact, I am tired of it. Put Me and others in the forefront of your eyes. I will take care of you. I got you. I got you covered. My eyes are on you." (Deuteronomy 11:12)

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