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8/5/21 "it is ME," says the Lord.

"I have to ask," says the Lord. "Have you noticed any changes this week? It is ME! You've said it. The show started out slow and then all of a sudden it was fast paced non-stop action. My show is going to be the same, but MORE! Mine is not virtual. It is not make belief. It is here and it is NOW! Mine is real. I tell you today, My show has begun. So take your place. Your place is part of My show. Where I seat you is crucial to the unfolding of the rest of My show. Yes. This is the beginning of My show. NOW you are ready for the new place I have for you! And I have you right where I need you. You have been prepared for such a time as this. (Esther 4:14) It is NOT a mistake that your relationships are changing! It is ME! I am changing them. Did I not tell you it is a new season? Things cannot stay the same as they were. Some of you are questioning, what's happening? Some of you are not. Some of you are excited. Some of you are saddened. The ones that I say can stay are NOW being made new! The ones that I say cannot stay must go. Yes. Some relationships must go. Let them go their merry way. I must make changes with the relationships of My people. Allow ME to! Don't fight it. This is for your good, but mostly for My good. I know what I am doing. (Isaiah 55:8-9) I must establish My people with those they are compatible with. I know who is with who. They've already been established in the Spirit, NOW watch them come into fruition in earth. (Matthew 6:10) It's already begun. You see it. You hear it. You know it. NOW accept it! For those of you who are fighting it, I say accept it. It must happen. (Revelation 4:1) You will soon understand it. I am positioning you. Each of you My people. Some of you are wondering where are the relationships. I understand. It was ME! I kept you isolated. I tell you today, not anymore, that is changing even right NOW! You will not be alone anymore. It is not good for man to be alone. (Genesis 2:18) I have an order of doing things. I have a method to My madness. You see, I had to establish My relationship with you first. NOW I establish My people in right relationships. Right connections. Right partnerships. Right alignments. Right teams. Trust ME! This is all part of My show. Seem boring to you? Just watch. It will soon take on a whole new meaning. Fast and furious. These cords that I am establishing, I say to those who try to come against them, good luck. (Ecclesiastes 4:12) You've wondered who is in your tribe. I am revealing them to you even NOW! I watch for the smile on your face as you see them. Believe it. It's true. What I am doing is unbelievable yet true. It is NOT a mistake that your jobs are changing! It is ME! I am changing them even NOW! It is NOT a mistake that I am moving you. Yes. Some of you are moving. It is ME! Just say yes and go when I tell you to go. I tell you I am doing a new thing. NOW it shall spring forth! (Isaiah 43:19) Trust ME! I've got you. I've got you covered." (Isaiah 51:16)

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