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9/8/21 The Spirit of the Lord says, "they lived happily ever after"

The Spirit of the Lord says, "It's a great day to be Alive. Can you feel it? Do not be afraid. Don't fret. Do not have anxiety about anything. (Psalm 37) I AM come to set you Free! So Be Free, I say. I say, Live and Be Free. This is your hour of Freedom. (John 8:36) The enemy has lost his grip. The times have changed. Look at you go. Unstoppable. Discerning. You can read between the lines. Nothing is hidden from you. Fresh. Revived. Many of you have wondered what's happening. You saw yourself backsliding. You saw yourself doing things that you used to do. Things I taught you not to. Picking up old habits again. Smoking. Drinking. Eating. Spending. Hangin' with the wrong crowd. Foolishness. Yes. Complete foolishness. I say to you, job well done. It was the enemy's last attempt to destroy you. Forever. In a matter of days, not even, you turned it all around. You took a stand in righteousness, in justice, and in truth. You were on to the enemy's scheme. Ha, I say. Ha, ha, ha. We laugh. (Psalm 2:4) You did it. You are doing it. We did it. We are doing it. I say to you again, it's a great day to be Alive. The best is HERE! The best is NOW! Run with it. You have conquered your enemies. We have conquered your enemies. (Romans 8:37) The hour of defeat is HERE and it is NOW! So I say, Live and Be Free My People. It is time to Be Free. Shout. Shout. Shout. Shout at the Devil who's in control NOW! The table has turned. Shout Victory. Raise a Hallelujah. Reap Reward. (Galatians 6:9) I Love you sons and daughters. I Bless you sons and daughters. (Deuteronomy 28:12) Get ready to be on full display. Get ready to be revealed. The veil IS coming off! You are about to be seen. By everyone; everywhere. I tell you, the time is HERE! I tell you, the time is NOW! The unveiling of My true holy sons and My true holy daughters. (Romans 8:19) Even I can hardly wait to do it. Know this, it's going to happen to each of you. At the right time. Expect it. Soon. Very, very soon. Celebrate My People. Yes. Celebrate already. This IS the end of the story! And I say, they lived happily ever after."

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